CBOT 2022 Recap

Global partnerships, large scale projects and  international recognition…

The pandemic is no longer the focus of our lives, but the digitalization that was accelerated by it penetrated deeply into people’s lives as well as the strategies of the institutions. 

In 2022, digital behavior patterns have become permanent for individuals, both as consumers and employees. Working remotely, an e-commerce-based consumption model, receiving support from AI-based virtual assistants, reaching companies through social media and messaging channels are now indispensable habits of life. Companies that prioritize customer and employee satisfaction have also implemented practices compatible with these habits. Undoubtedly, AI-based virtual assistants and chatbots have become an important field that institutions focused and invested in 2022. 

We, as CBOT, were honored to support the institutions that prioritize the satisfaction of their customers and employees and aim to drive business growth with operational efficiency.  With this mission, we continued to grow without slowing down.

As we leave 2022 behind, we welcome the new year with solid plans, great excitement and challenging goals.

We wanted to make this exciting start with a summary of what we have accomplished in 2022.


CBOT Platform: End-to-end customer service via all channels

With its holistic structure, CBOT Platform offers an effective and efficient customer/citizen service model based on AI and automation for private companies of all sizes as well as for public institutions. In 2020, we empowered CBOT Platform to include all the necessary modules and tools for an end-to-end customer service model. 2021 was a year where we have proven that this holistic model based on human-AI cooperation enabled our customers to go to market faster and manage their costs in the best way. And in 2022, we empowered our platform with certain features and capabilities based on our R&D efforts and made it involve more channels thanks to our global partnerships. 

Our voice based projects continued in 2022 with our voice AI technology, CBOT Speech, which was integrated into IVRs and enabled the institutions to reduce average wait time in customer service, improve call routing process, and better manage costs by routing appropriate calls to digital channels. We’re excited to start new projects with CBOT Speech as we closed key deals in the last quarter of 2022. 


We started to connect the brands with their customers through Instagram, in addition to WhatsApp

In 2021, we were honored to be selected as a WhatApp Business Solution Provider (BSP) on the global scale. In 2022, we were accepted to the Instagram Direct Program run by Meta all over the world. Thanks to this program, we enriched CBOT Platform with new features and capabilities that enable companies to connect their customers via Instagram Direct Message and provide them support by AI-based virtual assistants or live chat agents. This makes Instagram, which is highly used by consumers for shopping, their new support channel.


We were once more, featured by Gartner, among the leading conversational AI platform providers globally

In 2020, CBOT was recognized as one of the 16 leading global chatbot and virtual assistant companies in Gartner’s report “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Artificial Intelligence in Banking and Investment Services” published on July 1, 2020. In October 2022, we were honored to be featured in the global market report  “Competitive Landscape: Conversational AI Platform Providers“  along with many leading companies established in different geographies, including world giants such as IBM, Microsoft and Amelia.


We retained our partnerships with public and private institutions and we launched large scale projects for great brands

We have established powerful collaborations with the leading private sector institutions, large public institutions and many medium and small scale companies. We have rapidly increased the number of institutions that trust us. To mention some of our key projects: 

  • With Vakıfbank’s cooperation with CBOT, we strengthened our position in the banking sector. Following Fibabanka, Garanti BBVA, Halkbank, ING, QNB Finansbank, T.İş Bankası and Ziraatbank, Vakıfbank also chose CBOT as its conversational AI partner.
  • We started to work together with the Metropolitan Municipalities of Istanbul and Mersin, so that our citizens can access services more quickly and easily.
  • The AI based virtual assistants for Türk Telekom, Ziraat Bankası, Bayer and KEDS Energy, that help the users with a large scope, have been launched.
  • We started to work with eBebek, Mudo, Daikin and Ender Stores, the successful brands of retail and ecommerce business.
  • This year Metlife, TEB Investments, Info Investments and Tarsim from the financial services industry had their place among the companies that trusted us.
  • In addition, we were happy to see Deniz Egece, Sunset, Newinn, TAV ve Mars Investment among our customers, all of which are key players in their own industry.
  • Our existing clients have increased the use of virtual assistants and voice-based AI technology within the organization with new projects in addition to their existing ones. We continued our cooperation with these customers by deepening our partnership with more projects.


Awards and recognitions by national and international programs 

Even if the satisfaction of our customers and creating value together for end users are the greatest rewards for us, being recognized by national and international programs encouraged us.

In 2022;

  • Çiler Ay, one of our founders, was named among Turkey’s Top 100 Women Founders by Fast Company.
  • At G2, a global software company evaluation platform, we have been featured as “High Performer” in Bot Platforms and Chatbot Software Grid Reports every term since our joining.
  • In the Globee 17th World Information Technologies Awards 2022, one of the most prestigious awards in the world, we won the Bronze Award in the Startup of the Year Category. 
  • We were listed among “Turkey’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies” list, which includes valuable brands and successful startups, announced by Fast Company.
  • Ziraat Bank’s banking assistant “Ziraat Assistant” won the Golden PSM Award in the category of Best Retention and Marketing Achievement.
  • Ziraat Bank’s employee virtual assistant, “Bilge”, won the Silver Award in The Company of the Year that Uses Technology in Internal Communication Category.


CBOT welcomes 2023 with great ambitions 

In short, 2022 has been a year in which we empowered CBOT Platform with new features and capabilities, started to provide new channels to our clients with global partnerships, accomplished growth with large scale projects and reinforced our position in the global market with prestigious awards and recognitions. 

We would like to thank our customers, business partners and CBOT team; all our stakeholders who helped us add value to the digitalization journeys of great brands and public institutions in 2022.

In 2023, as CBOT, we will work harder with solid plans and strategies, and we will maintain our steady growth to reach our medium-term target of 45 million dollars in technology exports.

Happy New Year to all!