n11 partnered with Cbot to provide a better help desk experience

By the smart search feature on n11, the customers can easily reach the answer to their questions regarding customer support

Thanks to the smart search developed by Cbot, n11 provides an enhanced help desk experience to its customers. The engine can answer natural language queries and enable the customers to reach relevant information directly without searching the menus. Just type your question as if asking to friend, and get the information.

Advanced AI Capabilities 

Smart search feature uses AI, specifically natural language processing and machine learning, to anticipate the natural language text messages and provides an instant answer to the customers 

Fluent in Turkish

The smart search feature has a high accuracy rate in Turkish and goes through a continuous process of training while the intents accumulate. Try typing your query with spelling errors or in a very informal manner, it will understand you and go on helping!

CBOT proudly announces “Fi’bot”, the AI-based virtual assistant of Fibabanka