Cbot’s Banking Chatbots
Cbot offers direct and natural experiences with artificial intelligence-powered banking bots available through all platforms

Empower multi-channel customer engagement, enable cross-selling, increase revenue and customer loyalty by providing relevant, real-time and simple banking experiences

Put minimum efforts for bot training and maintenance thanks to the pre-built banking bot and its web crawling capabilities

Harmonize the contrasting objectives in banking: Optimize your costs while enhancing the customer experience

    • Advanced AI capabilities

      Cbot’s Banking Bots use AI, specifically natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to anticipate the whole range of natural language text messages and provide a natural interface to web visitors

    • Already trained with 2500+ intents

      Cbot’s pre-built banking chatbots are already trained with finance domain knowledge and able to map customer input text to 2,500 different intents. They also use web crawling capabilities that ensures customers to reach a considerably large coverage

    • On-Premise

      Pre-built banking bots operate on companies’ own NLP engine technology and do not have dependency to external services. Therefore, they can be located on-premise as well

    • Web & document crawling

      Every bot brings content management burden on customers. Thanks to their web and document crawling technology, Cbot’s banking bots fetch up-to-date responses from your web page and documents and require minimum maintanence cost