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Apple Business Chat is Now in Turkey with CBOT

Cbot’s Chatbots are now Integrated with Apple Business Chat!

in 2018 Q4 , The company officially announced that Apple Business Chat application is now available to new countries. Turkey is one of these countries that enables businesses to communicate with clients through Apple’s consumer messaging.

What is Apple Business Chat ?

ABC launched by Apple in early 2018, allows consumers to communicate with businesses through Apple’s messaging app, iMessage. The product, which was first launched in several countries, was launched in Turkey in the 2018 Q4. CBOT’s chatbots can now integrated with Apple Business Chat.

How it Works?

It is possible to provide consumers a real-time communication experience and to transfer their requests to the relevant operations with the application working on iMessage when consumers connect with companies.

Which Devices Supports the App?

Customers can use the app to ask questions, solve problems and complete transactions via iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Customers can also find businesses from Safari, Map, Search and Siri, and start conversations from there.

What are Successful Business Chat Examples Globally?

Four Seasons, one of the good examples of brands using this application, launched the application in July 2018. The response time of Four Seasons to answer the questions, which has been activated in 88 businesses all over the world that provides service in more than 100 languages, has been announced as 90 seconds.

Is it possible to share photos and videos?

In addition to messaging, video, photo and link sharing can be done on application, so that the complaints and requests of consumers about the product can be submitted not only in written but also through visual shares, thus shortening the solution times.

How Can You Use?

In order to reach consumers via application, companies must first set-up their profiles on the platform. As CBOT, we develop chatbots that work with the infrastructure of ABC. The fact that consumers do not need to download a new mobile application to use ABC chatbots is the most important indicator that millions of consumers will use ABC via iPhone and iPad in the future.

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