TiTi is a finalist at the UK based global program – “The CogX Awards”

TiTi, Türk Telekom’s cutting-edge AI-powered virtual assistant developed on the CBOT Platform, was announced as a finalist in the esteemed CogX Awards, in the category of “Best AI Product – Telecom.”


UK-based CogX stands as the visionary force behind the renowned CogX Festival, an annual global gathering held in London, attracting luminaries and experts from the realms of AI and digital transformation.


Amidst a competitive landscape, the awards program garnered submissions from across the globe across a spectrum of 76 categories,  organized around 8 pivotal themes.
Distinguished as an AI-based virtual assistant, TiTi stands as a support system for Türk Telekom’s clientele, offering 24/7, instantaneous and personalized assistance. Its design, training, and seamless integration within Telekom’s infrastructure have been accomplished through the advanced capabilities of the CBOT Platform, harnessing the power of CBOT’s AI technology and its ingenious design and integration tools.
Headquartered in the UK, CogX stands as a pioneering institution that has orchestrated groundbreaking events and curated insightful content centered around AI and digital transformation from a global standpoint. CBOT takes immense pride in the realization of TiTi, which has secured its well-deserved spot as a finalist alongside other distinguished enterprises on this esteemed list.


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