The First Anniversary of EBA Asistan: 1 million 167 thousand messages answered per day

EBA Asistan, which we launched in partnership with the Ministry of National Education, has supported millions of students with their remote education for 1 year without interruption.

EBA Asistan, the virtual assistant that answers the user queries regarding Turkey’s remote education system, has been launched 1 year ago, today.  Since 13 April 2020, the Assistant has served a target audience of 50 million people. Meeting a very serious demand, especially during the pandemic days when the education agenda was intense and important announcements were made, EBA Assistant proved that it is a mass virtual assistant with a huge social benefit by answering 1 million 167 thousand messages in a single day.

65% of the users have reached it through the web and 35% of them used the assistant through mobile. The most intense usage of the assistant was during the back-to-school period in September 2020.

The most frequently asked questions have been “I cannot sign in EBA. How to get the password? Lesson Program. What is a live session? LGS/YKS dates. Any updates for LGS/YKS dates? When will teacher’s professional seminars be held? ”

EBA Asistan is the most massively used virtual assistant in Turkey

EBA Assistant, who is 1 year old as of April 13, 2021, has been helping nearly 18 million students and their parents and more than 1 million teachers for more than 1 year to ensure that they use the system effectively.  1 million 167 thousand messages per day proved that it has been used extensively by every segment of the society. Since the first day, EBA Assistant did not face any scalability issues and kept updating itself with announcements, recent developments, new topics. It has a unique place not only in Turkey but around the globe.

EBA Asistan has been featured as the “the best technology to combat and reduce the impact of Covid-19” at one of the most prestigious award programs globally – the 8th World CEO Awards.

Happy birthday EBA Asistan!

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