Google Asistan Artık Türkiye'de

Ok Google! Annemi ara!*

When Google Assistant has been launched in 2016, it became obvious that the relationship between human & technology is changing drastically. It is not just a new phase, but a paradigm shift as the very basics of this relationship is reshaped. You can say Google Assistant to call your mom in your native language if it is one of the 30 languages that it supports, and Turkish is one of them since very recently.

As the virtual assistants have been one of the most fiercely competitive fields, tech giants tend to invest in supporting more languages to increase their penetration. Recently, in CES 2019, Google declared that they expect Google Assistant to be on 1 billion devices by the end of January. It is a huge growth considering that Alexa has 100 million active users. It is also said that the number of active Assistant users grew 4 times over the past year and it is conversant in 30 languages and available in 80 countries, up from 8 languages and 14 countries in 2017. (Venturebeat)

Within his growth strategy, Turkish has been one of the last languages that Google Assistant has started to be conversant. In December, Google Assistant has been available in Turkish through Android devices and very recently it has been available in iOS. By the end of January, all the Android and iOS users will be able to get support by Google Assistant in Turkish.

Google Assistant is helping users in terms of the Google services like Calendar, Maps, Photos, etc. 250 services over 300 will be available in Turkish. Some of the most common actions that Assistant can do in Turkish are checking the traffic, adding reminders, sending messages, setting alarm.

Some of the functionalities Google Assistant can perform in Turkish:

  • Call someone
  • Send an SMS / whatsapp message, e-mail
  • Use navigations
  • Set alarm, timer, reminders
  • Set meetings, get details about the meetings already on the calendar
  • Add items to the shopping list
  • Device actions & settings
  • Play music lists, films, videos
  • Answer some basic queries: currency conversions, translations, calculations
  • Personal info: flight times, show photos, reservations
  • Link to bank apps, weather forecast apps, financial assistants etc.
  • Make a joke

This recent development has created a new interaction field in Turkey for companies to communicate with their customers – answer their questions, make banking transactions, provide customer support or propose the product they need.

We will see how the Turkish companies will ensure their customers use their services through Google Assistant. Let’s see the first movers, best UXs, success stories in Turkey, as the human & tech relationship enters a new era globally.

Cbot is working on great projects to make customers’ lives easier in Turkey through seamless experiences on Google Assistant. The first one is a banking chatbot, which is the first banking function in Assistant in Turkish. It will lead a new phase in terms of customer interaction in the Turkish Banking Industry. Through this application, banking customers will receive instant answers to their questions that they ask by speaking to Google Assistant.

Looking forward to seeing how our new assistant helps us more with the touch of Cbot…


* Call my mom

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