A well-trained chatbot to
empower your shopper journeys

CBOT delights your customers by artificial intelligence powered-experiences instead of getting lost in complicated menus and forms

Drastically change the quality of your service, speed up the customer’s purchase, offer new products&campaigns and provide excellent customer support on your e-commerce chatbot

CBOT’s E-Commerce Chatbot

Make sure you launch a chatbot that is built with the best conversational AI and the
e-commerce knowledge

See how CBOT makes a difference in the e-commerce space


    • Already Trained for E-commerce Support

      From the point of shopping site surfing till the point of delivery, the user has a lot to ask. CBOT’s pre-built e-commerce chatbot is already trained with the e-commerce domain knowledge and able to respond quickly with accurate customer support

    • Product and Campaign Advisory

      By data collection in terms of customer needs, preferences and feedback, your shoppers get a personalized product and campaign advisory

    • On-Premise

      Pre-built e-commerce chatbot operates on CBOT’s own natural language processing (NLP) engine technology and do not have dependency to external services. Therefore, they can be located on-premise as well

    • Advanced AI Capabilities

      CBOT’s e-commerce chatbot uses AI, specifically natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to anticipate the whole range of natural language text messages

    • Multi Platform Usage

      CBOT’s e-commerce chatbot ensures that the customers can reach your services without switching between platforms. You can implement a conversational experience where ever you want to serve

    • Minimum Maintenance Cost

      Every bot brings content management burden on customers. Thanks to web and document crawling technology, CBOT’s e-commerce chatbot fetches up-to-date responses from your web page and documents and require minimum maintenance cost

Did You Know?

of organizations are expected to increase investments in customer experience technology in 2019, Gartner
of companies already use machine learning to improve their sales and marketing performance, Accenture
of customers want offers and deals from chatbots, 2017 Chatbot Report by Ubisend

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