CBOT’s AI-based solutions, designed around the concept of human + AI collaboration transforms almost every field of customer support based on an operational activity of intense repetitive tasks.


Put your customer support’s repetitive processes on autopilot


    • End-to-end case resolution

      End-to-end case resolution of common repetitive processes without human intervention

    • On-Premise

      Human + AI customer support solutions operate on CBOT’s own natural language processing (NLP) engine technology and do not have dependency to external services. Therefore, they can be located on-premise as well

    • CRM Integration

      Our customer support solutions integrates easily with your existing CRM systems

    • Suggesting the best answer to the agent

      CBOT suggests best answer to the agent and when the confidence level of the answer marked by human agent is certain, the answer will be automated

    • Advanced AI capabilities

      CBOT’s Human + AI systems use AI, specifically natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to anticipate the whole range of natural language text messages

    • Fully Customizable

      You’ll get your own AI. All queries and answers will be personalized by crawling your existing data


Did you know?

of customer interactions will be managed without human by 2020, Gartner
of customers hung up on a customer service call because they did not want to wait for an agent to have a conversation that may or may not help them, IBM
of respondents do not  think calling a customer service is not the best way to get their issue resolved, Salesforce

Why Customer Self Service Chatbots Are Important?


A customer support chatbot on your WhatsApp Business account could help you enhance this experience. To learn more about how CBOT can provide a customer support chatbot via WhatsApp, please click.