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Leading brands chose Cbot to delight their customers via conversational AI

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Turkey’s largest private bank has chosen Cbot to pioneer in the conversational banking business By “Ask İşbank
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Garanti BBVA

Garanti BBVA partnered with Cbot to empower its virtual assistant, UGI, with Cbot’s NLP technology and industry ex
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ING Bank

Cbot and a top global financial brand, ING Bank, combined their forces for a better customer experience   INGo
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Why Cbot is the best AI for text?


Powerful NLP

Cbot’s NLP machine has been developed in 2013 and it supports all the languages, that use the Latin Alphabet, with significant accuracy rate


Deep industry expertise

Cbot focuses on financial services, e-commerce, telecoms and customer services sectors being aware of the dynamics, opportunities and challenges of each of them


Accelerated time to market

Enterprises accelerate their time to market thanks to the already trained and fluent industry-specific products


Minimum maintenance efforts

The enterprises do not waste time and energy to train the AI with the data to meet ever-changing needs of the customers

Omni-Channel Cross-Platform

A seamless experience that is more relevant, easy, speedy, human and natural