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Client Story: İşbank – Maxi

The First AI-Based Banking Virtual Assistant in Turkey! Turkey’s largest private bank has chosen CBOT to pioneer i
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Client Story: Ziraat Bank – Ziraat Asistan

Ziraat Asistan, empowered by CBOT Platform, is more intelligent and powerful now!  Ziraat Bank’s virtual assi
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Client Story: Getir – Getir Support

CBOT & Getir Launched a Successful Customer Support Assistant   Getir Support, built on CBOT Platform and CBOT
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AI Champions Developing Chatbots with CBOT NLP and CBOT GPT.

Empower your customer journey with the CBOT conversational AI platform and CBOT GPT leading the industry


Generative AI for Customer Care

Uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to work in collaboration with humans and to speaks, interact, and understand the way they do.


Hybrid Workforce for Customer Care

GPT based Human + AI model where an AI-based VA helps the customer and hands over the conversation to a live agent and vice versa in a seamless way.


Simplify Customer Processes and Automate with Generative AI

Automate all interactions and improve your contact center efficiency by using CBOT’s generative AI based intelligent virtual assistants for customer service.


Increase Conversion Rates and Boost Loyalty

Let your customers simply ask for what they want in their own words and get a fast shopping experience without complex menu challenges.

24/7 Omnichannel Customer Service

Provide 24/7 personalized support and issue solving on the channels that your customers prefer.