Garanti BBVA

Garanti BBVA partnered with Cbot to empower its virtual assistant, UGI, with Cbot’s NLP technology and industry expertise

Garanti BBVA, has been known as a technology leader in the Turkish Banking industry for more than two decades.

Digitalization and customer experience are 2 important pillars of the banks’s strategic agenda. Within this strategic vision, Garanti BBVA focuses on ensuring the customers to reach out its products and services whenever and wherever they need and through which channel they prefer in a seamless and convenient way. No doubt that, this vision requires a solid conversational banking approach and AI investment.

With this vision and strategy, Garanti BBVA partnered with Cbot to empower, UGI, its virtual banking assistant and carry the experience to a higher level of sophistication.

Garanti’s partnership with Cbot will make UGI more intelligent and understand the natural human phrases via voice & text and provide the relevant answer. The technology behind UGI will be Cbot’s NLP engine and Cbot’s extensive knowledge in banking chatbots and virtual assistants.

Via new empowered UGI, the customers will be able to apply a loan, make loan & time-deposit calculations, currency conversions, find a branch/ATM and satisfy more daily financial needs. Besides frequently asked questions, the customers will check their account balance and assets, view transactions, make payments and money transfers very easily through a more humanized experience.

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