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Cbot offers direct and natural experiences with artificial intelligence-powered banking chatbots available through all platforms

Make an exceptional digital move to turn everyday transactions, account updates, advisory and FAQ answering into simple voice or text exchanges

Cbot’s Banking Chatbots

Make sure you launch a chatbot that is built with the best conversational AI and the banking knowledge

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    • Already Trained with all banking Intents

      Cbot’s pre-built banking chatbots have a body of knowledge in the finance domain that embodies an intent classifier and search engine that can query many knowledge repositories and large amounts of content.

    • On-Premise

      Pre-built banking chatbots operate on Cbot’s own natural language processing (NLP) engine technology and do not have dependency to external services. Therefore, they can be located on-premise as well

    • Multichannel Experience

      Our banking chatbots works within the communication channels you choose – from your website to voice platforms, your mobile apps and social media accounts

    • Advanced AI Capabilities

      Cbot’s Banking Chatbots use an advanced AI-based context engine to understand the intent of the users with high accuracy and be able to follow a conversation just like a human does.

    • Minimum Maintenance Cost

      Every bot brings content management burden on customers. Thanks to web and document crawling technology, Cbot’s banking chatbots fetch up-to-date responses from your web page and documents and require minimum maintenance cost

    • FAQ, Transactions and Advisory

      Our ready to deploy banking chatbots, already well-trained to answer the FAQ, enable your customers to make all transactions by accessing and processing multiple sources of customer data to provide product & campaign advisory



Cbot’s pre-built banking chatbot results

of the customer queries are replied with accurate and relevant answers
acceleration of the response time to customer enquiries
coverage ratio of the pre-trained domains

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