Real AI Matters

Because of the hype around AI, vendors claim to provide AI-based solutions. However, most of them are rule-based. Rule based solutions can be relevant when the scope of the experience is very limited. But, it is not possible to delight your customers, who have almost limitless expectations in the digital world, with a rule-based solution.

Cbot invests on AI

Before Cbot became the leading AI company in Turkey, we have been focusing on AI since 2014 and gained a proven competency in data analytics and semantic understanding. That competency enabled Cbot to build its own AI platform, a technology based on our investments in AI and created completely in-house. Focusing on technology creation, we have 3 patents and execute 6 projects led by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. On the other hand, Cbot can provide rule-based solutions and consultancy to decide the type of the technology that fits the needs of the enterprise.

Conversational AI is redefining
the digital customer experience

The amount and variety of data create challenging and unique situations. Although we develop products for common issues, we are eager to take your unique challenges and create tailor-made solutions. We have a dedicated and capable team of experts to help you transform these challenges into opportunities.


Enterprises can forget about menus, keywords, scripts and rules with Cbot



Why Cbot is best AI for text?


Powerful NLP

Cbot’s NLP machine has been developed specifically for Turkish language in 2013 and it supports all latin languages with significant accuracy rate


Deep industry expertise

Cbot focuses on financial services, e-commerce, telecoms and customer services sectors being aware of the dynamics, opportunities and challenges of each of them


Accelerated time to market

Enterprises accelerate their time to market thanks to the already trained and fluent industry specific products


Minimum maintenance efforts

The enterprises do not waste time and energy to train the AI with the data to meet ever changing needs of the customers